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  • 54" x 54"

Colors choices:

Ivory, Red, White, Black, Grey, Royal Blue, Hot Pink, Dark Green, Brown, Orange, Navy, Gold, Silver, Coral, Beige 


  • 54" x 96"

Color Choice:   White



  • 60" x 120"

Color Choices: Aqua, White, Black, Navy, Ivory, Royal Blue, Dark Green, Gold, Burgundy, Lemon, Beige, Grey, Eggplant, Red, Dusty Rose, Mint, Charcoal, Lime


  • 90" Round

Color Choices: Red, Dark Green, White, Navy, Ivory, Royal Blue, Gold, Black, Peach, Burgundy, Orange, Beige, Eggplant, Grey, Light Grey, Mint, Lemon,Dusty Rose, Charcoal, Aqua



  • 21' x 29"

Color Choices: Black, Ivory, White, Dark Green, Peach, Burgundy, Royal Blue



  • 17' x 29"

Color Choices: Ivory, Black, White, Peach, Burgundy



Clear Tablecloth Clips

{to hold linens on table}

$0.20 each

Table Runners

12" x 108"

Black only



Clips Included


  • 20" x 20"

  • Rented in quantities of 10

Color Choices: Black, White, Ivory, Dark Green, Red, Royal Blue, Aqua, Lemon, Gold, Light Blue, Coral, Grey, Lime, Cardinal Red, Dark Navy, Lilac, Orange, Brown, Dusty Rose, Beige, Navy, Hot Pink, Burgundy, Egg Plant, Charcoal, Plum


$0.55 each piece.

Napkin Rings

13/4 ss

$0.55 each piece.

  • 84" Round

{20 colors available}

$4.50 each

  • 54" x 108" Oblong

{21 colors available}

$3.25 each


  • 40" x 100' Roll

{21 colors available}



Call to inquire about colors not listed

We may carry other colors not listed above but, in smaller quantities, please call to request color availability for linen rentals.



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